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7 July 1966 10 Steps to Creating Your Own Personal Space 10 Things We Should Know About Cancer 10 Years Into My Future 10th Anniversary Special with Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter answering 10 questions about HM The Queen 11 Sept 1850 Castle Garden NYC for the Opening Night of the Jenny Lind Tour of America 14 May 1948 When David Ben-Gurion Announced the Establishment of The State of Israel 20 May 1961 Birmingham Alabama to resume the Freedom Rides 50 years into the future when we're no longer eating animal products. 200 Years into the Future 300 years in the future somewhere in the mountains 1492 Spain 1760's London to join Benjamin Franklin 1816 to the Théâtre des Funambules on Paris’ Boulevard du Crime to witness the creativity of Jean-Gaspard Deburau’s Pierrot character 1840 Washington DC 1855 Opening of Panama Railway 1880 Eastern portion of the U.S. to warn about the dangers of using lead pipes 1890 New York City 1920s & 30s Pre-State Israel 1920s New York City 1920s Paris 1944 Battle of the Hurtgen Forest 1950s 1950s France when Julia Child was in cooking school 1950s Hollywood 1954 New York City 1959 New York City 1960s America 1968 New York City 1970s 1979 Paris Recording Studio with the Rolling Stones 1986 to the First Burning Man 1990 Rome 2007 Overland Route Through Mid East 2067 2112 New York City 2117 New York City 2200 New York City A Cinderella Lifestyle A Foodie Paradise Africa A future in a place where all soldiers/POWs/MIAs will be back home and where children in need will be okay A future utopian post-scarcity society A future where societies have reached the place of harmony both internally and externally with nature and thereby fulfilling human's intellectual and spiritual potential A Good Night's Rest as Featured in "The Sleep Fix" A granted childhood for everyone - Dignity and equality recognized for everyone from birth thru death - Understanding the balance of the planet A Journey In Seeking Alternative Cancer Treatments Outside of the United States Alabama to Sit-in with American Civil Rights Leaders Aleppo in 2050 Alpha Centauri A Meal With Winston Churchill Prepared by Auguste Escoffier Amsterdam An Around the World Ticket An Arts Institution in the Future An Audience Ancient Greece Ancient Greece's Zeuxsis Painting Contest & Early Renaissance Florence When Filippo Brunelleschi Paints his Two Panels that Demonstrate One Point Perspective Ancient Greece in the 5th Century BCE during the time of Hippocrates Ancient Rome An Ethiopia Where Everybody Has A Straight Spine A New Burkina Faso A one way ticket living the American Dream A peaceful and prosperous South Africa that is a very close friend of Israel A place hopefully in the not too distant future when humanity is using best practices and technology for societies to globally live in balance with nature A Place Near Water with a Mild Temperate Climate. It Should be Somewhat Cosmopolitan and have a Somewhat Western Orientation. Not Overly Crowded and Near Airports. A Place of Gratitude A Place of Happiness A place of protected health and joy A Place Where Men & Women are Equally Active in Politics & Finance and Other Male Dominated Industries A place where people are sentimental. A Place Where Women & Men Are Equal in Society A Place With No Blindness A Quiet & Meditative Place by the Water Argentina Aristotle's Lyceum circa 335 BCE A Roundtable with all the World's Messiahs at the End of Time A Slightly Higher State of Consciousness A symbiotic relationship between man & technology A ticket from Australia to NYC A time in the future when wages in America would equally grow for every income class and society would have respect for each other as we grow as humans A time when everyone fully appreciates life and savors the elements of each moment A Time When Race & Class Didn't Matter A toss-up between Rio de Janeiro and Space A Unique Three Storied House A Vegan Journey A Vegan World A world where courage in coming forward about bad behavior at work is celebrated and not punished Babel Back to bed just before this interview Bali Barcelona Beacon on the Hudson Beacon on the Hudson & Why We Travel Beirut Belle Epoque Era Berlin Bhutan Bliss Bloomsbury Group Boston Ten Years in the Future Brazil Brazil During the Age of Exploration Brazil during the early formative years of Bossa Nova Build a Houseboat and Slowly Sail the Canals of Europe California Camp Nou Cape Cod to eat “first hand food” CENTRED-Wellness the first travel health and wellness platform Chihuahua Mexico Childhood Farm in Kenya Childhood of the 1970s Christopher Columbus' 1492 Journey Colonial America Just Before 1776 Confectioner in the Kitchen of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 Continuously travel Cuba Curiosity Current state of mind of contentment and quiet happiness Detroit Dinner in the late 19th century at NYC's Lotus Club with then former President and retired General Ulysses S. Grant Distinct One Way Tickets from Three Cast Members of the Yiddish Version of Fiddler on the Roof Easter Island East Turkistan Edo Period Japan Exodus From Egypt Faith-Spirituality-Empathy- Veganism-Organ Donations and Responding to the War in Ukraine Farm House in Southern Tuscany Feeling Had in Childhood that Nothing Can Go Wrong Fire Island Fisk University Jubilee Singers' First Tour in 1871 Florence France French Town of Mougins Germany 1932 Heaven Home Hop into a DeLorean and travel back to High School Hunkered down in my apartment with my family Iceland Ikaria In Old Age to See the Beginning of the Creation of the Universe and Have Access to the Creator Into the light Israel Israel in 2048 Israel of Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow Italy J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Shire" January 1946 London to Participate in First General Assembly of the United Nations Jerusalem July 1848 Seneca Falls Convention July 1954 Anaheim CA (one year before Disneyland opened) Kitchen's of Italy Kyoto Lake Atitlan Guatemala La Pyramide in Vienne France in the Late 1940s or Early 1950s Late 1960's & early 1970's when the food movement was getting started in the US Life Live on a big sailboat and travel around the world Machu Picchu Madrid Magical Lands North of San Francisco Manhattan 1967 Mars Mid 20s Just After I Got Married My Best Self My Life! Nabatean in the Negev Desert New Braunfles Texas New York City 2069 New Zealand Nomadic Journey On Now NYC's Big Band Era of Mid 1930's NYC 18 July 1945 NYC 25 July 1975 For the Opening Night of A Chorus Line NYC 25 years into the future Ocean City NJ On a spacecraft to report back to the planet about the beauty of the universe/earth and to make a plea for peace One year from now for a better you Outer Space Paradise Paris Paris During the French Revolution Peaceful World Where People Limit Their Use of Technology Peace of Mind Point Reyes CA Post-Majoritarian America Circa 2040 Present Perfect Providing Support and Smiles for Ukrainian Refugees with Medical Clowning Quiet Small Island in Greece Ra'anana Israel Richard Branson's Necker Island with Alan Watts-Walt Disney-Steve Jobs-Henry David Thoreau Richard Nixon's-Ronald Reagan's-Johnny Carson's & Carol Channing's one way ticket destinations all in one go! Right Now) Rome Sailboat that continuously sails around the world Samoa Sanbanpatavanshires San Diego San Francisco San Miguel de Allende Shot into Outer Space at the Late Stage of Life Small Village in the South of France Space Spain Stepping aboard the mothership at the end of the film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" to explore life outside of this solar system Sumer Summer Special 2023 with Ann-Margret Sunset years of high school Supermarket in the year 2040 Switzerland Ten Years in the Future Thailand Theatre of the Mind The Beginning of the Universe The Brady Bunch & The Era of Jane Austen The Bronx in 2065 The Day After The 2020 US Presidential Election The day after the corona virus ends The Day Before World War II Began The early 20th century and check out the magic shows and the magicians of that point in time The few minutes before the Big Bang! The Garden of Eden before there was a Tree of Knowledge and before Adam gave Eve the apple The Mind of a Champion The mystical isle of Avalon The New York Public Library 2020 The Place & Time in History Where the Biggest Secret that Will Influence the Most People is Taking Place The Present The Present Moment The South Pacific to Board a Boat and Travel to all the Great Dive Sites and Islands The World's Waters The World of French Embroidery The Year 2066 The Year 2075 This time and this world as good as it can possibly be To be Buried in the Atlantic Ocean To begin living in NYC from the turn of the 20th century onwards To be revealed in Asmara Eritrea in 2021 To be the Head Stone Mason when Machu Picchu was Built in the 15th Century To be the Personal Assistant to Thomas Jefferson in France and Monticello To get more time talking to his Father before passing away and to Jose Ignacio Uruguay. To have the first bread eaten by Alexander the Great's army in the first village they arrive in when they first entered India. To Join Alexander the Great When he Just Set Off on his Asian Campaign To meet New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Top 2020 Travel Picks To see what New York City was like from the 1920s onwards To Talk Throughout Eternity with Oscar Wilde in London's Savoy Hotel Dining Room or Wilde's Favorite London Club To the room in Tallahassee Florida during the November 2000 election where the hanging chads were selected Travel Around the World with his Piano & Dog in an Alternative Energy Vehicle Travel as a force for good Travel the world in the early 1990s Twenty Years from Now Up in the air! Uzbek oasis towns during the Islamic Renaissance between the 9th - 12th centuries Venice Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Victoria Moran's Wellness Formula Virtual Global Table Visit all the greatest Atlas Obscura locations Vrindavan India Watch Monet Paint at Giverny Watermill NY Wellness White House Advisor to FDR Windsor Castle World Economic Forum at Davos