Steven Shalowitz explores with his guests where they'd go if given a one way ticket (no coming back!). Destinations may be in the past, present, future, real, imaginary or a state of mind.

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The Interviews

Discover our guests' one way ticket destinations

EP 148: Jennifer’s one way ticket is to be a confectioner in the kitchens of this “Magnificent” Sultan.

Jennifer Abadi lives in New York City and is a researcher, developer, and preserver of Sephardic and Judeo-Arabic recipes and food customs. A culinary expert in the Jewish communities of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Central Asia, and North Africa, Jennifer teaches cooking at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and at the Jewish Community Center…

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EP 147: Luke’s one way ticket is to this point in his future.

Luke Frazier, a rapidly rising star in the pops world, has proven himself as both an innately musical conductor and a sensitive pianist. His commitment to re-envisioning pops programming has quickly established him as a dynamic force across the music community. Frazier has demonstrated his versatility and range by conducting in venues both grand and…

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EP 146: Jason’s one way ticket is back to this point in his life, way back when.

For over a decade, Jason Van Orden has studied top Internet influencers in order to decode the systems, psychology and strategies they use to launch and grow world-class personal brands and profitable businesses. He’s taught thousands of people around the world how to grow their audience, attract bigger opportunities, expand their influence and have a…

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EP 144: Celia’s one way ticket is to this ideal point in her life.

By day, Celia Berk is a corporate executive. She has spent over 20 years at WPP, the world’s largest marketing communications company. As Chief Employee Experience Officer, J. Walter Thompson, Celia reports to the CEO and focuses on ensuring the work lives of JWT employees are as rewarding as possible. As Group Talent Partner, WPP…

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EP 143: Michael’s one way ticket is to this very personal destination.

Michael is an award-winning filmmaker who began his career as a film student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he won the William Morris Screenwriting Award for his short film KILLIN’ TIME and later graduated with top honors after receiving the school’s most prestigious filmmaking award, the merit-based WTC Johnson Fellowship. He went…

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