Steven Shalowitz explores with his guests where they'd go if given a one way ticket (no coming back!). Destinations may be in the past, present, future, real, imaginary or a state of mind.

steven shalowitz

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The Interviews

Discover our guests' one way ticket destinations

109: Peter’s one way ticket is to this 32 mile long island, located a hop, skip & a jump from one of the world’s greatest cities.

A multiple Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and producer, Peter Greenberg is America’s most recognized, honored and respected front-line travel news journalist. Known in the industry as “The Travel Detective,” he is the travel editor for CBS News, appearing on CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, and Sunday Morning, among other broadcast platforms….

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EP 108: Larry’s one way ticket is back to this popular sitcom. Robin’s one way ticket is way back to the era of this female English author.

Larry Potash joined WGN-TV News in August 1994 and has been anchoring WGN Morning News since 1995, just one year after its inception. Larry does in-depth stories about history, science, religion and more. In 1996, he travelled to Asia to do a multi-part series on the culture of Hong Kong and the transition to Chinese…

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EP 107: Lou’s one way ticket is to this year in the future.

Lou Mongello was among the first to experience Walt Disney World in November, 1971. Today, he makes a career as a Disney author, host, publisher, historian, speaker and trusted Disney expert and creates unique content via a variety of multimedia outlets.  A former attorney and owner of an IT consulting firm in New Jersey, Lou…

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EP 106: Shalom’s one way ticket is to this ancient southern European capital.

Shalom Klein serves as Director of Communications for The S4 Group, a full-service government affairs firm.  As Vice President, Shalom has grown, managed and developed Moshe Klein, & Associates and MKA Receivables.  Shalom oversees a staff of more than 10 associates and the operations of three offices, as well as handling client relationships and consulting…

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EP 105: Peter’s one way ticket is to this Asian nation known for dazzling temples and inviting beaches.

The New York Times has called him “a public relations all-star who knows everything about new media and then some”, while Investor’s Business Daily has labeled him “crazy, but effective”. Peter Shankman is a spectacular example of what happens when you merge the power of pure creativity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and a…

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